New glasses by #Bonlook

I’m not a handbag gal, a shoe maven, or really a collector of much of anything save for my small fetish with Melmac dishware. What I do collect are glasses, especially cat-eye glasses. I wear them nearly every day and although this strikes some people as excessive, I think anything we put on our faces every day should enjoy a little variety. I’m always keeping my eyes peeled (ha! punny!) for a cool pair of cat eye specs.

Fast forward to this last fall. I follow A Beautiful Mess on the ‘gram and I noticed Elsie and Emma had collaborated with a brand yet unknown to me, Bonlook on a truly fair pair. They called their glasses the Jack and Norma. C’mon. So cute. I had not yet seen this sort of space age green before, but it reminded me a little of my Melmac dishware if it were coopted by aliens and made into glasses. Gnarly stuff.

Elsie rocking the Jack and Norma signature ABM/Bonlook collab specs
Elsie rocking the Jack and Norma signature ABM/Bonlook collab specs

I kept my focus (puns for days) on Bonlook, waiting to see if any of their cat eye specs that struck my fancy would go on sale. Patience rewarded me and a new year’s sale netted these beauts for $79, plus an additional $30 as my prescription requires a heftier lens. A praise of customer service: when I could not get the discount code to activate, the online customer service applied the discount by sending me the equivalent of 20% off, which immediately hit my bank account. Big ups, Bonlook.

Bonlook has considered all the nice little touches as an online purveyor of specs. I found the site easy to use, particularly the virtual try on feature. I always have a print-out of my prescription and a ruler for measuring the distance between my pupils, which you will need if you wear prescription eyewear.

When the frames arrived, they came in a cute print lined box, and I’m dazzled with my new bubblegum pink case.


The frames have served me well for a week now and they are sturdy, the glare factor is nil, and the comfort level is high.

Bonlook has not sponsored this post but if you, too, would like to enjoy a discount on your first pair, you should feel really free to click on this link as my friend referral. Woop!

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What I plan to do with my lack of Powerball winnings

The doorbell rang at 9 o’clock yesterday,
Our neighbor Jordan
who always calls me ma’am,
could have knocked but he rang,
our children long in bed.

Jordan asked for some sugar
in order to make Kool-Aid.
Because maybe that’s too much to go without
at 9 o’clock when you’re in the fifth grade,
enough to force you out the door
into the darkness to ring a neighbor’s doorbell
whose name you only know as ma’am.

I was so happy my husband was home
so I could hide, bra-less
and he could fetch
a literal cup of sugar to give to Jordan
for all of his Kool-aid needs.

And that is how I always want it to be:
to be asked and tickled to death
able to give out
from a sweet supply.

Which is why I have not bought a ticket
to match my numbers to the queue of balls
to watch and wait and see tonight if
I should arrange for the U.S. Mint
to pour some sugar on me.


Because the thing about scarcity and abundance is not
in how much it depletes or enriches but
in how quickly and easily it comes to give or take away.

Don’t be a killjoy they’ll say
Here’s to your loss and our gain,
But for now I can meet my neighbor’s gaze
the Kool-Aid mustache isn’t asking
for a cut of what I have
not whatever I can give.

To know my neighbor’s thirst and to be known
as one who can can sweeten the deal,
that is my billion dollar winning.
My life stands to lose much more
than it stands to gain from a powerball,
a power fall from wealth for me.


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